Incoming New Students

Domestic Students – Incoming freshmen at UMiami will be placed in a mathematics course on the basis of their math SAT or math ACT scores that have been submitted. AP Calculus scores submitted may also be used. The recommended course will depend on a student's major and degree program. Please see the Math Placement Guide (Domestic Student) for the course in which you are able to enroll.

If you were admitted "test optional", we will still use your standardized test scores for math placement. Please email your scores to your advisor and discuss your options. If you do not have ACT/SAT/IB/AP scores to report, please click here for more information.

International Students – International students will be required to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment during a proctored session offered during the summer, during the Orientation Period, and through the first week of classes prior to enrolling in a math course or in any classes that require a math pre-requisite. Knowing that the transition to a US academic setting can be challenging, this will ensure that your enrollment is tailored to your abilities and will maximize your chances of academic success. Please click here for more details about ALEKS and how you will be placed.

Students with Transfer Credit or Dual Enrollment Credit

Students who have received college credit for a mathematics course from another institution should consult with his/her UM Advisor. If a transfer math course needs to be evaluated by UM for equivalency credit, please email to Dr. Leticia Oropesa at the full syllabus and course description for the course(s) completed. If a course is online or hybrid, the syllabus must be specific to this type of course, and include grading and testing policies.

Transfer students who have not earned college credit in a mathematics course, must email SAT or ACT score reports to Dr. Leticia Oropesa at

If you do not have any ACT or SAT scores, please click here for more information.

Students with AP Credit or IB Credit in Math

Below is a list of Credit Equivalencies for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate examinations. These guidelines are effective for the 2020- 2021 academic year and are subject to change at any point in time.

Examination/Score Equivalent Credit at the University of Miami
Calculus AB score of 5 MTH 171 - 4 credits
Calculus BC score of 4 MTH 171 - 4 credits
Calculus BC score of 5 MTH 171 - 4 credits and MTH 172 - 4 credits
IB Mathematics Higher Level Score of 5 or 6 MTH 171 - 4 credits
IB Mathematics Higher Level Score of 7 MTH 171 - 4 credits and MTH 172 - 4 credits

Students with AP Credit in both Calculus I and Calculus II (5 on Calculus BC assessment) may enroll in MTH 210 (Introduction to Linear Algebra) or MTH 211 (Calculus III) or certain other more-advanced courses. If you are interested in taking a higher-level math course, please contact your advisor or Dr. Subramanian Ramakrishnan.