Due to the coronavirus, the Math Lab will now operate online. The Math Lab provides tutoring to any student enrolled in an undergraduate math course at the University of Miami. Tutoring is available on a walk-in basis. The Math Lab is staffed by mathematics graduate students and undergraduate peer tutors with a Math major or minor.

Check the links below to connect with a tutor for your course.


What to expect from your tutoring session -

The purpose of tutoring is to help you become a more active and independent learner.  Working with a tutor can improve your understanding of the course material, help you focus on the course content that is important, and help you improve your study habits.

Tutors in the Math Lab can:

  • Review concepts and help clarify assignments.
  • Help you understand concepts that the instructor has already presented in class.
  • Provide you with additional examples and practice problems.
  • Help you understand the textbook and other materials, and utilize the information.

Tutors in the Math Lab CANNOT:

  • Complete your homework or any other assignment for you.
  • Guarantee that your assignment is error-free or guarantee any particular grade. It is still your responsibility to do the work to ensure your success.
  • Teach you new material covered in a missed class. Tutoring is not a substitute for classroom instruction.
  • Help you with take-home tests or online assessments.

Any comments or concerns regarding the Math Lab can be directed to mathlab@math.miami.edu.