UM Math Graduate Student Seminar

August Hozie
University of Miami 

will present

A Gentle Intro to Fukaya Categories

Friday, September 14th, 2018, 5:00pm
Ungar Building Room 402


The Fukaya Category is a fundamental piece of Homological
Mirror Symmetry, a program which seeks to relate the symplectic geometry
of a manifold to the category of coherent sheaves on its conjectured
"mirror". It's construction, in general, is complicated and requires
intimate use of the symplectic geometry of the manifold. However in
real-dimension 2 much of this data can be packaged in the so-called
Topological Fukaya Category of Abouzaid, which has considerably simpler
structure. We will review this construction, and how it serves as a nice
example of the general notion of an A-infinity (pre-)Category.


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