Dr. Valerie Hower
Ungar 513
Department of Mathematics
University of Miami
Google Scholar

Spring 2016 Teaching:
MTH 224 P

Teaching Interests:

I work to make my classroom a warm environment. I especially enjoy teaching undergraduate
classes where my students can have very
different mathematical backgrounds and abilities.
Learning can occur at many different levels, and
it is important to me that every student in my
class is advancing. Here at the University of
Miami, I have taught MTH210, MTH224, MTH230,
MTH309, and MTH510.

Research Interests:

With doctoral training in pure mathematics
and postdoctoral work in the biological
sciences, my research spans multiple disciplines.
I am interested in genomics and computational
biology as well as algebraic topology and discrete
mathematics. Additionally, I enjoy using ideas
from topology, probability, and combinatorics in
data analysis.