Instructor: Prof. Nikolai Saveliev

Office: 409 Ungar Building
Phone: (305) 284-2418

Office hours: Wednesday 2 4 pm, also by appointment




Essential Calculus, 2nd Edition, by James Stewart

Course content

This course covers most of the topics in Chapters 10 - 13 of the textbook. Most of the material will be presented in a manner consistent with the presentation in the text; however, some may not.


The homework will be assigned during the class. Homework assignments can also be found at  The homework will be collected and graded. The homework assigned during any given week will be collected on Thursday next week. No late homework will be accepted. Due to the fact that we end up with a net loss of class meetings, additional reading will be assigned over Thanksgiving Recess.


There will be three tests and no final. Test dates will be announced later during the semester, at least one week in advance.


The course components will be weighted as follows: homework 25%, and each of the tests 25%. For the final grade the following scheme will be used: overall scores of 90% and above will definitely be an A, above 80% definitely a B, above 70% a C. If this scale is adjusted at all, it will only be to lower the thresholds for the letter grades (i.e. in your favor).