About me

I am a PhD student at the Department of mathematics, University of Miami. I work as a Teaching Assistant for the department.

Contact info

Ungar Building

Office: #528

Department of Mathematics

University of Miami

email: c.bajo@math.miami.edu


[1] Carlos Bajo, Bradley Burdick, Sergei Chmutov, On the Tutte-Krushkal-Renardy polynomial for cell complexes Preprint (2012).

Mathematics and related sciences

Department of Mathematics. University of Miami


American Mathematical Society


Young Mathematicians Conference. (Ohio State University)

Terry Tao's web

LaTex Resources

LaTex Project Site For LaTex references.

MikTex project page You can get a LaTex compiler for free in here.

Texmaker You can get a FREE LaTex editor in here. I've been ussing this editor for the last couple of years and I really like it.

latexeditor You can get another FREE LaTex editor in here.

Detexify - LaTex symbol classifier This is a very cool resource in which you draw symbols and the web gives you the LaTex's code.

Wikibooks: LaTex This is a full book on LaTex. Very usefull for quick references.

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