MTH 309: Discrete Mathematics I, 3 credits.
Fall & Spring Semester
Mathematical methods of computer science and computer engineering. Mathematical reasoning, sets, relations, functions, Boolean algebra, combinatorics, graphs.
Prerequisite: MTH 141 or 151 or 161 or 171.

MTH 310: Multivariable Calculus, 3 credits.
Fall & Spring Semester & First Summer Session
Equations of curves, surfaces, solids; vector differential calculus; integration of scalar functions. Applications.
Prerequisite: MTH 210 and (MTH 162 or 172). Not open to students with credit in MTH 433 or 533.

MTH 311: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations, 3 credits.
Fall & Spring Semester
Theory and applications for first-order differential equations. Linear differential equations. Solutions in series.
Prerequisite: MTH 162 or 172.

MTH 320: Introduction to Numerical Analysis, 3 credits.
Spring Semester
Interpolation, quadrature, numerical solution of algebraic and transcendental equations, and optimization.
Prerequisite: MTH 210 and (211 or 310).

MTH 359: Mathematical Models in Biology and Medicine, 3 credits.
Offered By Announcement Only
Fundamentals of the dynamical systems approach to modeling temporal change in biological systems. An introduction to the analysis of mathematical models in biology and medicine with detailed, concrete examples drawn from ecology, cell biology, neuroscience, and physiology.
Prerequisite: MTH 162 OR MTH 172 with grade of C- or better.