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ALEKS Results

As soon as you complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment, you will receive your ALEKS score along with your recommended course.

Here is a sample.

Your ALEKS score shows your level of preparedness for a math course. The cut-off scores have been set in order to determine the appropriate course in which you would be most likely to succeed. Please see the Math Placement Guide for more information on the course you qualify for based on your ALEKS score.

Please allow two days for your placement scores to be visible in CaneLink. Once you can see your ALEKS score in CaneLink, you may enroll in the course for which you have obtained the appropriate ALEKS score or otherwise meet the prerequisite.

You will also view a breakdown of your Placement Assessment Results by topic category and your performance on each topic.

From your results page, you will be directed to the Prep and Learning Module that will help you practice topics and improve your knowledge as you prepare to take your next Placement Assessment. Your subscription to the Prep and Learning Module will be for 6 months from the date of first access.