NOTICE: ALEKS will be available October 15th, 2016, to January 20th, 2017, for Spring 2017 placement.

Incoming Freshmen

Incoming freshmen at the University of Miami will be required to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment before enrolling in a mathematics course.

The recommended course will depend on your major and degree program. Please see the Math Placement Guide, as well as the Freshmen Level Math Course Chart, for information on score requirements and prerequisites.

The Course Selection Flowchart guides course selection for students intending to satisfy the mathematics requirement for graduation in the College of Arts and Sciences.

For fall enrollment, the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment will be available to incoming students beginning May 1st until August 15th. Students will be able to access the assessment free of charge through the ALEKS link on CaneLink. The ALEKS assessment can be taken from any location with internet access. Students are expected to complete the ALEKS assessment on their own, without any outside assistance of any kind (this includes any individual, websites, etc.), and adhere to the University of Miami's Honor Code. Please click here for more details about the ALEKS subscription.

Students whose SAT or ACT scores are sufficiently high to meet the prerequisite for either MTH 113 or MTH 130 (for BA programs, SAT ≥ 630 or ACT ≥ 28) or MTH 161 (for BS programs, SAT ≥ 700 or ACT ≥ 31) are exempt from taking the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

Students who have AP credit in Calculus are also exempt from taking the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. Keep in mind that AP and IB scores often are not received until mid-July, so if you are not certain about whether or not you will receive credit, you should take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

The College of Engineering requires all entering freshmen to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment in order to be placed in a Mathematics course.

The School of Business requires all incoming freshmen to complete ALEKS. Please refer to the Business Freshmen Registration website for more information.

Please click here for details about the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

Students with Transfer Credit to Dual Enrollment Credit

Transfer students who have not earned college credit in any mathematics course, must complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment in order to enroll the appropriate math course.

The ALEKS Math Placement Assessment and Prep and Learning Modules will be available to new transfer students (free of charge) beginning May 1st, and should be completed by no later than August 15th, in order for your class schedule to be finalized well in advance of the start of the fall semester.

Any student who has received college credit for a mathematics course from another institution should consult with his/her Academic Advisor. If any of your mathematics courses have not been evaluated to be equivalent to a UM course, please email the syllabus and course description for the course(s) you have completed to Dr. Leticia Oropesa.

Any student who has received Dual Enrollment credit for a course below Calculus I (MTH 161 or MTH 151) is strongly encouraged to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

Continuing Students

Any continuing student, admitted fall 2013 or later, who did not take ALEKS as a freshman and needs to enroll in a mathematics course, may still take the ALEKS exam. Continuing students who completed the Math Placement Exam offered prior to May 1st, 2013, should contact Dr. Leticia Oropesa for advising.