UM-CINVESTAV Collaboration

Distinguished Lecture Series

Quantum Toric Geometry

presented by

Ernesto Lupercio

Ernesto Lupercio

Ungar Building, Room 402

Tuesday, April 24th at 5:00pm
Wednesday, April 25th at 3:45pm
Wednesday, April 25th at 5:00pm

General Plan of the Talks

In these talks, I will explain the generalization of Toric Geometry to the non-commutative or quantum realm which we have called Quantum Toric Geometry. This is joint work with L. Katzarkov, L. Meerssemann, and A. Verjovsky.

Classical Toric Manifolds are important objects in geometry and physics both for their simplicity and their beauty as a bridge between geometry and combinatorics. Quantum toric manifolds play the corresponding role in non-commutative geometry.

First Talk: In this talk at a colloquium level I will try to introduce and motivate the theory with some relations to physics.
Second Talk: In this talk, I will introduce the formal definition of the objects of the theory.
Third Talk: In this talk, I will deal with more advanced properties of the theory.