UM Math Graduate Students Seminar

Carlos Vega

University of Miami

will present

Spacetime, Singularities, and the Bartnik Conjecture

Friday, November 12, 2010, 2:30pm

Ungar Building Room 402

Abstract: In 1916, Schwarzchild produced the first meaningful solution to general relativity, a spacetime modeling the simplest universe imaginable: a single star at rest in an otherwise empty void. He soon discovered, however, that his solution came with an interesting and tragic emotional defect: at the heart of the loneliest star in the world, lay a tiny, Irreparable 'hole' or 'singularity'.
In fact, singularities of this kind continued to crop up in other spacetime solutions and their significance remained rather unclear until 1970, when Hawking and Penrose finally put the question to rest. (Their conclusion? ... You'll have to wait and find out!)
Hawking and Penrose's singularity theorems depend on *strict* curvature inequalities. The associated rigidity question remains open and is known as the Bartnik Conjecture. In this talk, we will introduce spacetimes, singularities, and a precise statement of this conjecture. If time permits, we will then solve the conjecture.

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