Current UM Course Offerings
Summer 2015 | Fall 2015 | Spring 2016

600- Level Courses

MTH 609: Data Security and Cryptography, 3 credits.
Access, information flow, and inference controls. Network security and management. Encryption algorithms. Cryptographic techniques.
(Colisted with CSC 609)
Prerequisite: MTH 517 (or CSC 517) or MTH 527 (or CSC 527).

MTH 612: Complexity Theory, 3 credits.
Models of computation. Hierarchy theorems. Intractability. NP-completeness.
(Colisted with CSC 612.)
Prerequisite: MTH 527 (or CSC 527).

MTH 621: Mathematical Probability, 3 credits.
Development of the measure-theoretic approach probability. Random variables, central limit theory, laws of large numbers, martingales.
Prerequisite: Permission of department chairman.

MTH 625: Multivariate Analysis, 3 credits.
Sampling theory for multivariate normal populations. Component and factor analysis. Stochastic difference equations.
Prerequisite: MTH 525.

MTH 630, 631: Real Variables, 3 credits each.
Lebesgue measure and the Lebesgue Integral for R1, Banach Spaces. General measure theory, topological groups and Haar Measure.
Prerequisite: MTH 532.

MTH 632, 633: Complex Variables, 3 credits each.
Complex numbers line or transformation, analytic function, conformality. Cauchy's Theorem, representation theorems, harmonic functions.
Prerequisite: MTH 531.

MTH 638: Stochastic Processes, 3 credits.
Prerequisite: MTH 631.

MTH 640, 641: Algebraic Topology, 3 credits.
Homotopy, covering space, Eilenberg-Steenrod axioms for (co) homology theories, Mayer-Vietoris sequences, Universal Coefficient theorem, Kunneth formula, computations and applications.
Prerequisite: MTH 532.

MTH 647: Computational Geometry, 3 credits.
Algorithms for solving geometric problems arising from application domains including raphics, robotics, and GIS.
Prerequisite: MTH 517 or permission of instructor.

MTH 651, 652: Differential Geometry, 3 credits each.

MTH 657: Lie Groups, 3 credits.

MTH 661, 662: Abstract Algebra, 3 credits each.
Prerequisite: MTH 562.

MTH 670: Directed Reading of Research, 2-4 credits.

MTH 680, 681: Topics in Analysis, 3 credits each.

MTH 682, 683: Topics in Topology, 3 credits each.

MTH 685: Topics in Algebra, 3 credits.

MTH 686, 687: Topics in Mathematics, 3 credits each.

MTH 690: Seminar for Beginning Graduate Students, 1-3 credits.
The selection of topics will be flexible but will be of interest to beginning graduate students.

MTH 692: Seminar, 1-2 credits.